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You can join as an individual or as a company. If you join as a company then this will be a strong feature of your community investment strategy. You would nominate one or two representatives to attend the events. If you join as an individual we are able to claim gift aid on your donation and if you’re a higher rate tax payer then not only does Leeds Community Foundation get an extra £250 in gift aid, but you will also get a tax rebate of the same amount.

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If you are registering as an individual member you need to give us your home address. If you are registering as a company your work address.
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You can give us more than one here.
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You can give us your mobile and land line here if you want.
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You can pay by standing order, bank transfer or cheque. If you pay by standing order you can pay in monthly (£83.33) or quarterly (£250) installments. You will need to set up the standing order with your bank directly. Our bank details are available on your invoice. Your invoice will be issued separately.

We use the information you provide here for our records. Please organise payment on receipt of your invoice.

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Knowing how you heard about us may help us to reach more potential members.

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